Shōei Matsuda (松田将英) is a Japanese contemporary artist, living and working between Tokyo and Berlin. He started out as an anonymous internet user, creating multiple social media accounts attempting to re-question the concepts of subjects and authorships of the after social media era. Via his multiple personalities which often went viral, he created new communalities through intervening directly into societies through interactive performances. Using these ambiguous and irresponsible "existences" that is outside the definition of individual or organization, his participatory and transformable projects transports back and forth and as well as blends factors between the digital and the physical, the fake and the real, and illusion and essence; developing a completely new method of storytelling; interpreting today's space and time as nowness and flatness. Revealing his real name in 2019, he aims to update people's perceptions, through conceptual and poetic works on post-internet’s themes, including celebrities, economies, landscapes, etc.