Mar 21, 2022
Under the Sea (2014), 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

Prior to Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of typography technology, “Genius” was anonymized in Genius (Latin for “personified spirit”). After that, the dwelling of talent in an individual came to be called “Genius”, and the individual whose real name was the author of the work was evaluated. “Genius”, which has been held for about half a year since 2014, is an attempt to return it to anonymous Genius again. Based on an anonymous online community, the 400 members will shift from participants to organizers, from passive to active, from selfishness to altruism, and from attachment to liberation through rallies and street guerrilla performances. Eventually, the one person who initially managed the community disappeared and became a myriad of anonymous groups.

Location: Twitter, Facebook group, and the street
Date: Sep. 2014 — Mar. 2015


Shōei Matsuda 松田将英 is a Japanese conceptual artist.